You’ve made it to the party. Yee-haaaaw. Let’s get acquainted, shall we?

I’m the lady behind the lens. The Kimberly Halverson behind the KH. I like my lattes large, my thermostat hot year round, and my closet full of sequins. I shoot epic parties (read: weddings) in the summers and eat lots of cake. I orchestrate epic hibernations in the winter and still eat lots of cake. Most recently I was lurching around the Sahara Desert with m'darling, cursing the discomfort of a camel, while reveling in the unending eye candy of Morocco. I prefer books to movies, acoustic to amped, and hand crafted over machine made. Unless it’s a Jack+Rose moment, I’m horrendous with movie quotes, and I've never been a sexy anything for Halloween.

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I want to know what your favorite pizza topping combo is along with what we’re shooting. Any interesting trivia or dad jokes are a warmly welcomed bonus.