I'm happy you clicked this page, yo! I hope we click too.

First things first: one of my greatest recorded achievements is having screened the entire series of Friends in chronological order, followed by the ability to chop vegetables really quickly, and the center splits. About 82% of the time, I'm using a boarding pass as a bookmark, and I read every day. Four of my six radio presents are occupied by public radio. I'm a cheerful abider of posted speed limits and firmly believe everything in life is better when it's done slower. Sequins are my spirit animal and Roy G Biv is my boyfriend. (JK, heya Eric.) I find I'm prone to getting overexcited when using a new emoji for the first time in its proper context. Avidly collecting passport stamps and adventure stories from fellow travelers. Living for my morning coffee ritual and weekly pole dance lessons. Newly transplanted to Minneapolis. And, oh yeah, I'm a formally educated and professionally trained portrait photog who thinks business is best conducted over a cheese plate and bottle of red.

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I want to know what your favorite picnicking combo is along with what we’re shooting. Any useless trivia or dad jokes are a warmly welcomed bonus.