Glamour Day! >> Momma Bear Turns 40

She's the one who has already given you everything she has these last few decades.
So what do you get a deserving momma bear for her birthday? 
You gather her family.
You give her your time.
And you surprise her with a trip to the salon, buy her some sequins, and have a big game of dress-up with your sisters, documenting the fabulous 50 year-old she is.
We even snuck Poppa Bear into the mix, whose eyes pretty much fell out of his head when he saw that looker.
&Did I say 50? She's actually 60, if you can believe that one.
(She likes to say her secret is the 4 good kids that don't give her gray hair. I think it's the 8 miles she walks every day.)

Happy [belated] birthday, Momma H! :*