Becky + Alan >> Engaged!

After Becky + Alan’s engagement session, I think I’m going to have to start imposing a few rules for all future shoots.

First: I’ve you’ve got a cute dog, you must must bring cute dog for at least a few shots. Fritz, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Fritz.

Second: If we’re shooting in the early morning hours, we should probably stop for coffee. (Bonus points for cinnamon rolls. All star level if you get to consume all of the above while getting a roster of favorite cafes and restaurants in the area from your clients.)

Third: If the weather forecast is showing a hint of possible snow flurries, WE SEIZE! Somehow, we managed that rare morning of October snow, where you get to play in both yellow leaves and puffy white flakes. Twas chilly, yes, but it was rather magical getting to experience the first picturesque snowfall with two happy lovebirds in looove.

Congrats, B+A!
I’m stoked x2985 for those lakeside weddings bells to ring next September.
(Also, get those scrolling fingers ready because I think this is the longest engagement blog I’ve ever posted.)