Anthony + Linnea >> Engaged!

Once upon a time I worked at a portrait studio north of town. I was the Photoshop girl + a grad portrait photographer. Once upon a time, the same time actually, Miss Linnea was one of the hundreds of seniors that walked in the studio door and sat down in front of my camera. We ran way over time. We ran all over the gardens, through fields of wildflowers. And I had one of my faaaavorite favorite senior sessions of all time. &Do you wanna know how one reaches that hall of fame status? With sweet smiles, lots of laughter, and a "SURE, let's try it!" attitude. Seven or so years later and we're doing a round two, this time with a fiancé thrown into the mix. ROUND 3 (!!!) will have these same lovebirds hosting an elegant + easygoing party in barn for their closest friends and family. They're clearly my kind of people; June can't come around again quick enough.