Baby Skylar >> In Home Family Session!

OH, BABY SKYLAR! You peach!
And I’d say my first shoot back from our lil vaca was a raging success—hooraaaay!
I got to hang out with one of my longest standing clients and favorite families, marveling over the sweet little lady that’s just joined the Huse crew—Miss Skylar. She’s every bit as lovable as the 2 siblings to come before, and I can’t wait to watch this little one blossom and grow in a home so full of love. (And a home so full of portraits from our previous sessions, that I felt a little bit blushy seeing so much of my work on display.) Skylar doesn’t know it yet, but she really lucked out getting to join this set of humans that she gets to call family.
Or will get to—
When bb girl learns to talk.

Congrats, Family H!