Alex + Richie >> Modern + Classic Wedding at The Rochester Art Center

There's something extra special about shooting a wedding for a couple that already has 3042 days of lovin' racked up. (And, no, I'm not making that number up; Alex had the sweetest custom card made for her husband with the day inscribed.) 

It means it's a couple formally joining what years of practice have been working to cement. From my perspective, it doesn't feel like "it was all building to this!" more than "look at what we've made and are continuing to spend the time to make." Because A + R are already a team and have been before there was ever a white dress. All weddings are supremely special, true. But it's in the unmistakable intimacy (as well as the numerous inside jokes from which there was much laughter) that made this day extra everything.

Extra meaningful.
Extra romantic.
Extra fun. 

(Congrats, A + R!)

Vendor roll call!

Hair + Makeup: Kathleen Yennie

Dress boutique: Posh Bridal in Wayzata, MN

Officiant: Ron Radke

Desserts: KL Cupcakes

Catering: Canadian Honker

Floral: Hy-vee Barlow's

DJ: Instant Request