Fidel + Elizabeth >> Sweet, Southern Garden Wedding // Dallas, Georgia

If you look closely, there's a tear that has slipped over the side and has slid down Elizabeth's cheek as she laughs during the ceremony.
And I absolutely adore it.
Because that means moments before, her beloved's vows were so moving, so sincere, that that little tear was obligated to bloom and fall. And it means that seconds later, there was joy, and there was laughter.

My favoritefavorite weddings are those that are stuffed with emotion. Suffused with it. Jam packed with the stuff.
Not just the romantic sighs and the warm embraces.
Not just the laugh-until-your-cheeks-hurt outbursts and silly dance floor antics.
I'm talking allllll of it.
Every last drop.
Tears of sweet, solid emotion.
Tears of pee-your-pants laughter.

These are the weddings I connect best with.
These are the images that linger in the realm of favorites.

Congrats, E + F.
Y'all are myyy favorites :*