Jillian + Colton >> Historic Hope Glen Wedding!

UFF-da, y’all. (A Minnesotan married a Texan–it’s cool, guys.) &It was everything you could want in a wedding and then some.

A sunny, outdoor ceremony, tucked in a fringe of tall trees and fluffy clouds.
Words + rings exchanged with a purpose and promise.
Toast after toast, bathed in the warm glow of a dozen, glittering chandeliers.
A cozy dance floor in an historic barn.
And a thick slice of cake and some homemade rhubarb wine.

And amid all of those glorious moments, there lives a boy and girl so crazy in love with one another, they’ve vowed to live the rest of their lives moving forward towards that gorgeous pursuit of pure love. So, yes, revel in the photos. Take in that knockout dress, that picture perfect cake cutting, each delicious detail, but I want you to FEEL this set, guys. Because this wedding–this marriage thing–is a big deal. And woooo-eeee, THEY DID IT!! Jillian and Colton, you both have my eternal adoration + best wishes for a beautiful future. Cheers, you crazy kids! :* :*