Daveed Turns 3! >> Mother/Son Session at The New Victorian Mansion B&B (Saint Paul, MN)

I don't know how she does it, guys.
(But doesn't the same sentiment hold true for most moms?)

Every time I photograph Yulia and her Daveed I'm always blown away observing their relationship evolve. It's no small thing raising a little guy, but the way she seems to approach motherhood—with such grace, letting him grow, but with plenty of x's and o's to make sure he knows he's loved—makes it look so endlessly beautiful. And though I'm reluctant to use the word beautiful, fearful the term doesn't carry as much weight in it's ubiquity, that's the word I keep landing on as my cursor blinks hopefully on the screen.

It's just beautiful, you guys, from the quiet, intimate moments of a mother and son, to the big belly laughs of a happy kid playin' with his momma. What a special thing to be allowed to humbly document.