Brittany+ Kyle >> Atmospheric Autumn Wedding at Mayowood Stone Barn (Rochester, MN)

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.
Ever wondered how my best weddings earn their title?

It’s the connection.

It’s when you schedule a Skype date months before the wedding, both sides laughing the whole time, even though the connection is poor and you can only hear half of what the other is saying. 
I still vividly remember that afternoon. 
This was during the van days, swiping Wifi at a library in New Zealand, after a cold gas station shower. 
(Cause professionals be needing clean hair, yo.)

It’s when you schedule a coffee date days before the wedding, and the thought THESE TWO GET IT keeps circling in your brain, when they share the way they envision their day to play out. 
They stressed how important it was that their guests have a good time. 
That as long as they exchanged vows, everything would be okay.
How a wonderful day was so much more than what kind of cake they chose. 
(Or didn’t choose. Apple crisp for the win!) 

It’s when you’re hugging the bride at the end of the night on the dance floor and she tells you, “It wouldn’t have been the same without you.” 
(I made it 13 of the 14 miles home before I realized I hadn’t quit smiling.)

B + K: you my people.
Many, many congrats, lovebirds.  

+ A shout out to Fox & Fern for killing it on florals, as per usual.