Cody + Veronica >> Springtime Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding (Rochester, MN)

I love wedding enquiries that start off with something à la "we don't know when and we don't know where."

But they have their forever person picked out and a vision of what they hope their celebration will be. That means I get to hear about potential color scheme ideas, whoop whoop when the venue is selected + booked, and get a sneak peek at the dress that's gonna eventually make a groom cry when he sees his bride in it for the first time. (True story. Those tears get me every. time.) And it's also one of the biggest compliments I can ever receive as a photographer, to be CCed in on the fun so early on, to feel valued and to feel chosen. When a couple cares as much as about their photography as I do, when they're as crazy about each other as this pair of high school sweethearts, I know I'm in for a fabulous day.

Cody + Veronica: cheers to you, love bugs. Quite simply: you fit. I'm so glad you chose each other, and I'm so grateful you chose me.