Annaliese + Emily >> Engaged!

Dem smiles say it all.

(But not really.)
(I’ve got a few words too, as per usual.)

Of all my favorite things about Annaliese and Emily’s engagement session (and there’s muuuch to ooh and aah over) I think it was when A said of E: “She makes grocery shopping fun.”

Mic drop.

Now, I’m no expert. But one relationship concept has always seemed to shine pretty golden to me: if you can make the mundane bits of life great, you’ll have a great life together.

Now, for the bit where my expertise has proven valid: if your engagement session is full of this many laughs, this much love, and doesn’t even picture the rounds of cheese curds, tacos, donuts, and boozy coctails we consumed at the end, it stands to reason that the wedding is gonna be pretty epic too.

So happy for these lovebirds!
+Can’t wait for that marital magic next September.

Congrats, A+E!