Derek + Natalie >> 2 Years Wed!

Hitting you with three reasons this afternoon why I love this anniversary session:

1. My cheeks were in pain by the end. To know Derek and Natalie, is to laugh with Derek and Natalie. And without exaggeration, it didn't every really stop.
2. Mr. and Mrs. G each intended to give one another a photo session. As a gift. For their 2nd anniversary. At this site. Though Derek beat his wife to the punch and emailed me first. ;) If that's not compatibility, I give up. Even if it didn't turn out to be a surprise for Natalie, I still adore the process.
3. CHARLIE. Hi, bb. The newest member of the family. (Scroll for more doggy dog.)

Congrats, Giffords.
Two years and counting.
+ Love to you both.