Mitch + Kayli >> Intimate Mansion Wedding (Rochester, MN)

I'm going to try to not make this sound like a love letter to Mitch and Kayli. That's the upfront goal. Projected success: 47% likely.

Let's skip to the standout moment. There's always one or twenty-seven in every wedding, where I realize how precious these people, this moment, this job is. I've talked about it before, and this one, the last 2 minutes I was at the Plummer House, resonate in such a wonderful way.

In the midst of hugging Kayli goodbye in a drawn out, Minnesotan fashion, her son started crying across the room. It was getting late, the party drawing to a close. With apologies she told me, “I’m a mother first, and a bride second” as she went to tend to Jamie. It was the perfect conclusion and the most apt example I can use to describe why I loved this wedding so much.

Because on your wedding day, you are so much more than just a bride.
And Kayli understood that perfectly.
Because all of the roles you've played up until this point, and all the hats you will wear beyond this single day, are so much stronger than a woman in a white dress.
And while a bride is undoubtedly special, it's against the framework of mother, friend, daughter, wife that allows the day to be so powerful. 

In other words: this beautifully sweet day was about Mitch and Kayli uniting in marriage. It was romantic, intimate, playful, and above all: sincere. But it was also about every person in attendance and a celebration of their entire, united tribe. Loving, heartfelt, and fun.

On top of all that? 
There were homemade truffles and cupcakes covered with bacon. 

Like I said:
I love this wedding so much.

Venue: Plummer House
Hair: Kendra Kruse at Rocco Altobelli
Catering: Nupa Mediterranean Cuisine