Jill + Brian >> Eclectic + Intimate Bachelor Farmer Wedding (Minneapolis, MN)

Thoughts running through my head as I'm about to publish:

Is this my best wedding? Seems I've wondered that multiple times this year.
Can I live at the Hewing Hotel?
Is it allowed to copy all this someday myself? 
I'd be happy if all of my weddings could be hosted at The Bachelor Farmer.
I'm hungry for dinner.
You know, this really is what weddings are about—joining families together.
I wonder if Jill and Brian know how much I admire them, their love and devotion writ large on their faces and in their actions all day long.
Those kids are pretty lucky.
I wonder what the odds are that there will be a round two vow renewal someday.
I'm so happy these two found each other.
I'm so happy these two found me.
I am proud of this work.
I can't wait for Jill and Brian to see these images.
I'm not crying, you're crying.

Vendor love!

Hotel: Hewing Hotel
Venue + Catering: The Bachelor Farmer
Hair: Alibi Salon
Dress: Lis Simon
Suit: Brooks Brothers
Florist: Luna Vinca
Officiant: Mark Johnson
Cake: Angel Food Bakery