Joe + Karla >> Engaged!

I'm happy about a lot of things as I post this afternoon.

That Karla and Joe found each other. That years back, Karla asked that cute stranger in her hometown if he wanted to dance, and that stranger said yes.

That Karla and Joe found me. That we clicked right away when they arrived for their lakeside session.

That we all got to play in the park, where the rain had not only cleared, but where the SUN CAME OUT. (And if you've ever wondered what my highest level of energy and excitement looks like, have the radar surprise me with the golden hour I'd rescheduled and driven an hour for. It's like a triple shot latte YES.)

And I'm happy that I have a new set of engagement favorites in my best-of pile, and that I have 14 more months to build my excitement for their Duluth wedding next summer.

Here's to hoping I don't burst from anticipation in the meantime. ;)

Edit: I'm also happy to get a thank you email so sweet and sincere it makes me tear up. YOU GUUUYS! :*