Brittlyn + Taylor >> Cozy and Elegant Wedding at Barns of Old Glory (Saint Charles, MN)

I spend a lot of time working on my images.
I let my mind wander while I edit.
And I take note of how I feel while I assemble every blog.
In all of this working, wandering, and note taking there's one thing in particular that stands out about this wedding—
The huggin' and a kissin', y'all.
Count them up, I dare you.

Brittlyn + Taylor's wedding was the kind of day focused all on connection. Not just between each other, but a celebration that included everyone who gathered on that drizzly, love soaked day in the country to rejoice in the joining of two families. Two sets of friends. Two high school sweethearts still crazy in love. How could there not be an abundance of sentiment in those conditions?

But what I really love about all the X's and O's up in that barn, was the openness and sincerity behind them all. B + T & Co didn't hold anything back. They laughed when delighted. Cried when overcome. And yes, they kissed often, and gave out hugs by the handful. As a wedding photographer, this is what I'm always hoping for. Not a certain dress, nice weather, or a particular venue. It's a couple that allows me in, isn't afraid of showing how they feel, with a love that spills over to touch everyone present.

And I'm so, so happy I got to be present.

Congrats, B + T!

Vendor roll call!

Venue: Barns of Old Glory
Hair: Double Take Salon
Makeup: Kenz Peterson
Floral: Thymeless Flowers
Ceremony violinists: Dolce Amor
Catering: Sammy’s
Cake: Hy-Vee
DJ: Instant Request