Kyle + Megan >> Engaged!

A couple that plays together, stays together.
Isn't that what they say?

Going off that sweet saying alone, it's probably a good thing Kyle and Megan are getting hitched because they're gonna be staying together for a good, long time. 

I may not have been around for the mountain biking in Switzerland, the view of the Alps being the backdrop for the proposal. Nor was I around to see the canoe tip from the last canoe trip a few weeks back. (Side note: Megan is the first person I've met who also shares the same impulse to sing the Pocahontas soundtrack on the open water.) But I did get to spend an evening with them at the park, strolling, paddling, and popping champagne afterwards in the city. It probably wasn't as epic as their other adventures, but the way these two interact—constantly cuddling, endlessly playful—it feels like they're the embodiment of the play together, stay together mindset, in all adventures big and small.

Cheers to you, M+K! 
Over the moon excited for round two with you next fall.