Hailey + Luke >> Engaged!

Fact: the blog just got way hotter now that Hailey and Luke are on it.

And didja know that the blog ALSO just got a lot sweeter now that these 2 lovebirds are here?
And more stylish? (An old guy on the street even stopped to ask Hailey where she bought her hat. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
Andβ€”spoilerβ€”more like a denim ad the longer you keep scrolling.

H+L, I had theee beeest time running around Minneapolis with you! My inspiration cup was full to overflowing and I have you two to thank. SO EXCITED to do this again next spring, Madison style! I’ll just be over here counting down the days till then. (221 πŸ˜‰)