Liz + Jordan >> Sunny Outdoor Lodge Wedding (Snoqualmie, Washington)

You thought Minnesota nice was a thing? Sure, I suppose. But after this bash in the Evergreen State, I'm gonna say that Washington nice is the new step up. 

When you get hugs from multiple guests over the course of the day. One point.
When you hear "hope to see you again!" as the evening is nearing an end. Two.
When the mother-of-the-bride comes to sit next to you on the concrete floor outside at the reception to see how you're doing after a long (yet oh, so gorgeous) day. Plus twenty. (And a few extra points for the sensational dresses both she and her daughter were wearing alone.)
And theeen... and then... when the sweetest handwritten thank-you card arrives in your mailbox a few weeks later, filled with such genuine gratitude (you know it's going to be a sweet one when the handwriting is small and the page is full) then we just quit trying to keep tally on all that WA nice.

I already knew how wonderfully warm and kind Liz and Jordan are, but seeing them in the context of their nearest and dearest, it made perfect sense how this pair would come to be so great. On such a wave of love and support, these two pledged their forevers to one another. And then hosted one helluva dance party to start this marriage thing off right. And that, that was pretty nice too. ;)

Congrats, love birds!