Martin + Erica >> Sweet + Relaxed Halloween Themed Wedding (Romance, Wisconsin)

I bet, I bet, I know, that you've never seen a wedding like this one before. 
(I'll ease you into it though and give you a chance to prove me wrong.)

Have you ever witnessed a ceremony set in an old tobacco barn filled with fairy lights?
Have you ever seen a best dressed award handed out? How about 6 of 'em with homemade trophies?
Have you ever heard the DJ play Portishead during dinner?
Have you ever seen a fog machine cover a dance floor, all eyes on the couple?
Have you ever seen the cake tumble over after the couple cut it? BETTER YET, have you seen them laugh about it and carry on?
Have you ever accepted a drink from the bar manned by Michael Jackson? BETTER YET, two MJs?
And you know that "slip into something so you can dance" trend? I'm allllll in that you've never seen the couple emerge dressed in homemade Bunsen and Beaker costumes, doing an encore first dance to She Blinded Me With Science.


Congrats, E + M!
After a taste of your epic Hallowedding, I don't know how I will be able to go back to weddings where the catering staff doesn't also double as The Life Aquatic characters. ;)

Vendor roll call!

Venue: Romance Valley Retreat in Romance, WI

Officiant: Brian Strahan

Catering: Driftless Cafe

Desserts: Homemade by Jamie McNally & Cecilia Gonzales

DJ: Lane with Kuhl Entertainment