Chad + Nichole >> Intimate Wedding in the Woods (Stewartville, MN)

You know how you’ve been asked which of the 5 senses you’d have to give up if you had to pick? And how you waffle between taste and smell, but sight is usually the last to ever be considered? There’s a reason why, and I can’t help but think that THIS post demonstrates things beautifully. (And also how damn important documenting these days are.)

With a 4x6 frame and a little imagination, you can easily picture what it sounds like when Nichole and Chad unleash one of their hearty bouts of laughter. (See also: one of my favorite things about this couple.)

After a morning of rain, you get a clear sense for what the sunshine infused grass smells like, while this family of soon-to-be five runs through it hand in hand.

If you’re really good, you viscerally know what the potatoes and coffee tasted like after the sweetest ceremony in the woods.

&To round it out, you know what it felt like to hug the bride and high five the groom after it was all over.

All over?!

Let's rewind to the beginning again, shall we, and let the scrolling commence:

+ A few vendor shout outs from the bride!

Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch Venue
Dress alteration specialist Vao Hoyer, "for recreating my dress after I found out I was pregnant. She basically had to take a human size dress and make it into a pregnant Oompa Loompa dress."