New Zealand >> 1 Year Since (Personal)

There will forever be a before and an after.
A time prior to Paula, and the life following, having lived 6 months of it out of a van in New Zealand.

Because the moment that you realize that your life is for exploration, connection and growth is one thing.
But it’s quite another when you pack a single suitcase at 3am and head to the airport to pursue it.
December 2, 2015 was the day we packed our bags.

So how has life changed in the last 365 days?

During those months abroad, I’ve never pushed my body so far to it’s physical limits. 
I’ve never been so vulnerable with another human being.
I’ve never had so much uninterrupted time to myself to chase what makes me feel most happy and fulfilled.
My worldly resources have never been fewer, and my cup never so full. 

I’m more in touch with myself.
With him.
With how much is really necessary to live a happy life.
And how important it is to disconnect and distance yourself from your “regular life.” Without a little perspective, how do you know you’re happy? That the life you’re chasing is the one you want? 

I look back on it, and think DID WE REALLY DO THAT? as I sit in a coffee shop this afternoon, rereading all of my old journal entries. My heart is full to bursting. My eyes are watery. All of my goals reaffirmed.

Did we really do that?
YES, we absolutely did.
nd I’m overflowing with excitement to build on that adventure, coming to an Instagram near you, New Year’s Eve 2016.