Steve + Abbi >> West Coast Vineyard Wedding (Gilroy, California)

A week before I was slated to leave for the California coast, I was talking with my family in an excited gush of adjectives how excited I was to be shooting this particular wedding.
My mom asked, "So how do you know the couple?"
"We're friends," I responded breezily. "Or... actually... I suppose I first met Steve and Abbi when I shot their engagement session last year..."

This--THIS--is the best part of my job. Under the guise of "work," my camera and I get to hang out with fabulous people for a living. We get to drink cocktails at "consultations" and grill out to discuss "scheduling details." And not only do I get to hang out with the fabulous people that hire me, I get to hang out with their fabulous people as well. At the wedding I'm usually hugged by one or several bridesmaids before the night is over, and typically have a brief chat with the odd parent about how happy they are to see their child so well matched. (Or in this case, the father of the bride expressed his complete joy and happiness while pouring us and those surrounding, a shot of tequila in the parking lot... Cheers!)

And so,
Steve and Abbi: 
Thank you for including me in your lives. In your special day. And for being such warm, open, and outgoing friends. I adore you both. + Congrats!

So you've made it to the end and you can't get enough of Abbi and Steve? You're in luck, dear one. There's bonus day after session hitting the blog later this week. ;)

What, whaaat!