Family H! >> Parker Turns One

The first thing 3-year-old Kami said to me when we met at the park was, "You have a lot of teeth."
Just one of the many reasons why these photos are being delivered with the name ILoveTheHuseFamily.jpg attached.
See also: Parker D and his teeny tiny curl atop his sweet little head.
See also: the respectful way these parents talk to their kids and to each other.
See also: the down-for-anything attitude and stroller off-roading courtesy of Momma and Poppa H.
See also: a friendship that has lasted more than 10 years between SEP and KH when we were both employed at a little studio together in Wanamingo, having pizza parties in the yard and playing dress-up any chance we got. What a pleasure to get to witness these evolving stages in the life of a family from the very beginning. +What a pleasure to be able to publicly wish that sweet Parker D the happiest of birthdays. Hip, hip, hooraaaaaay! PDH is almost one!