Kaylie + Travis >> Outdoor Garden + Brewery Wedding (Minneapolis, MN)

By now, arriving to a wedding day is a fairly predictable event for me.
A quick drive to scope out the immediate surroundings. (Niiiice, first look is gonna be going down right there.)
One last flick of the car visor to check my appearance, making sure I'm at least starting my day by looking presentable. (I've made peace with the fact that not a single hair's gonna be in place by the end of the night.)
And a deep breath (exhaaaale) before a firm yet tentative knock on the bridal suite door. Because you never fully know what the vibe is gonna be like on the other side.

Cue Kaylie--
Confident. Giddy. Grinning. Ready.
Hair and makeup were done, sure.
But I'm talking ready ready. 
Ready to trade a set of rings for a spouse,
Upgrade a boyfriend to a husband,
And to have the best damned time in the process.

Thirty minutes later:

Cue Travis--
Confident. Giddy. Grinning. Ready.
Suited up, shoes ashining.
Ready to trade a pledge for a partner,
Upgrade a girlfriend to a wife,
And to have the best damned time in the process.
... ready ready.

Day of Coordinator: Sixpence Events MN
Invitations + Program: Kaylie Schmitt
Hair: Elizabeth Heacock
Dress: Posh Bridal
Florals: Uy-Lennon
Hotel: Aloft
Ceremony Venue: Peace Garden, Lyndale Park
Ceremony Chairs: Magic Rental
Officiant: Dan Wetterstrom
Transportation: Valley Limo & Coach
Reception Venue: Day Block Event Center
Catering: Gastrotruck
Liquor: Surdyk's
DJ: Bellagala