country club wedding

Kelley + Carter >> Minneapolis, MN Wedding!

Kelley + Carter >> Minneapolis, MN Wedding!



Imagine a world where weddings can be steeped in sweet tradition and raucous buckets of fun. Where introductions with the bride's family begin with hugs instead of handshakes, and letters between lovers come with an ounce of good whiskey. Picture for me a dance floor dominated by a fiesty grandma, pulsing with the sounds of live DUELING PIANOS. In the next room there's an ice cream sundae bar and later on, there'll be a late night pizza delivery and a large scale McDonald's run for trays of burgers and fries. Such a world does exist, my dears; Kelley and Carter created it.

And not only did they create this kick ass wedding with the help of one fantastic coordinator, they created something bigger. Something brighter, and even more beautiful than the bouquets. And I think you know where this is headed.


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