Jeanna & Zach >> Engaged!

Jeanna & Zach >> Engaged!

YOU MADE IT! You're here! You've clicked in to one of my favorite engagement sessions... wait for it... of all time. Whoop, whoop! &I'm ready to throw the virtual confetti.

Meet Jeanna. She's a sports broadcast journalist on Channel 6.Meet Zach. He's a pro hockey player for the Boston Bruins.

There's already a romantic comedy somewhere here in the making, amiright?

Aside from their professions, they're the kind of couple that laughs their way through the alleyways of Saint Paul, smooching their way along the Mississippi River during their engagement session. Relaxed. Real. And reeeeal cute, constantly making the other grin + giggle. They're also a certain brand of stellar that drops a bottle of Prosecco off at your house the day after their session as a thank you. (As if they weren't my favorites already.) Theirs is a cuteness that just clearly doesn't quit, and I'm thrilled to be featuring these lovebirds on the blog. CHEERS to J + Z!

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