Tim + Melissa >> Engaged!

The place they met.
The place they work.
The place they said "I love you" for the first time.
The place he proposed.
The place they're getting married in April.

Ordinarily I'd push for any on the list to ensure it's a location rich in meaning, adding a layer of depth to an engagement session. Tim and Melissa though. They hit all of them. All of them! Can you even stand this level of sweetness?! Although something tells me these two could have plopped down anywhere and the smiles would still be as big, the hugs just as fierce, and the lovin' just as strong. They're the kind of couple that laughs at everything, naturally intuits what the other is thinking, who will show off their ballroom dancing lessons on a snowy golf course as the sun goes down on a winter evening. They're a blast and a half + a true joy to be around. (Plus, uh, I showed up to our session in the same outfit as Melissa. Heeeey! 👯)  They're worth the cold fingers and toes and I wish 'em nothing but the best as they journey towards new rings this spring.

Congrats, T + M!