Marissa + Ryan >> Stylish and Intimate Barn Wedding (Hillsdale, Wisconsin)

I wonder what they must have thought, those travelers headed south down Highway 35 that afternoon.
They would have had only a sliver of a moment to see.
Ryan on bended knee and ring in his hand.
Marissa standing before her boyfriend in disbelief.
A cop looking on, having pulled them over moments before, on the side of the road.

I wonder if those fellow travelers knew this was a man proposing to the love of his life.
I wonder if any of them suspected that this was an intricate and elaborate set-up (which it was) to create an ultimate surprise (true again.)
Could they have guessed what a gorgeous day would come several months later after the invitations had been sent out, and myriad toilet paper tubes had been transformed into gold cement candleholders? (On a related note: Marissa is the new designated DIY queen. Praise.)
Did they have any idea how much laughter would fill one cozy barn in the country, or how many slices of homemade pie one group of partiers could consume?
Honesty? I doubt it.
But I like to think that someone out there is still thinking about it, wishing those two crazy lovebirds well, following one chance glance out the passenger side window.

Congrats, M & R!