Cathleen + Alec > Engaged!

I've been asked several times if I get sick of shooting in the same location. If the familiar becomes boring and limits my creativity.
To which I respond gracious no, pal.
To which I'd show Cathleen and Alec's engagement session at my favorite park in the Cities.

I've got my go-to spots, sure.
But it also means I can spend more time focusing on my couple instead of critically scanning for the best little pocket of trees in which they can canoodle.
It means that the "hey, let's try xyz" moments grow from genuine creativity, looking at the familiar in a new way.

And in some parallel way, isn't that what we're trying to do at an engagement session anyway?
Love up on that familiar partner while finding and creating inspired moments from within? 

Cathleen + Alec, ladies and gents!