Matthew + Brianna > Romantic + Classic Waterfront Wedding (Okoboji, Iowa)

You know, it's not quite right to assume that I only like to photograph the big belly laughs that appear throughout a wedding day. (And they always do appear, which is one of the things I like best about weddings—the joy.)

What my aim truly is: emotion. Capturing how it feels vs. how it looks. Seeing a relationship in all of its nuances in a series of photographs. Bottling up all the sensory pieces of a day into an album.

Which maybe explains why I feel so wonderfully attached to these images. 
When I scroll, I'm struck first by the display of Brianna and Matthew's love more than I notice what earrings she was wearing (fun fact: her mom's from her wedding!) or the exact floral varieties included in the bouquet. I react to the tears of joy + looks of pride more than I register light + composition. Working on this wedding, I've gotten the pleasure of experiencing this day several times over in way that's transcended screens and pixels, transporting me back to sweet and sunny Iowa.

This wedding—
It's got everything.
&It means everything.

Congrats, M + B!

Vendor love!

Videography: Sky Focus Films
Hotel: Oakwood Inn
Makeup: Kelli Lange 
Floral: Kimberly with Ferguson's Floral
Church: St. Joseph's Church
Ceremony music: Nic Steffl
Reception venue: Waterfront Event Center at Bridges Bay Resort
Cake: Habitué Coffeehouse & Cakes to Remember
DJ: A Special Event DJ
Unofficial wedding planner: Robbi Fujan ;)