Jacob + Julia + Meatball >> An Evening Walk With Family B

I wanna be like Jake + Julia when I grow up.
Never seeming to take themselves too seriously, they're sweet, silly, with an undeniable zest for life.
(Is that too cheesy? The zest bit? Either way, it's true.)

I also wanna be like Meatball.
He's a lovable lug, giving no shits, and getting what he wants: belly rubs.
(Although I'll take mine on my neck and shoulders, thank you.)

Shooting this little family is always such a joy, a guaranteed ab workout, and on another note, I'm stoked that I've finally been able to come up with a name suggestion for the newest member of their family. Consider Butterfinger added to the hat, but only if it's a Brooklyn style BUTTAfinga. Congrats on the new baby PUPPY, yo! ;) Not long to wait now till she's an official member of Team Bruender.