Family E >> Autumn Afternoon at the Park

Are family sessions the new hidden gem, ripe with an abundance of potential creative expression?
(A sentence I never thought I'd claim ownership over, nor seriously ponder.)

On most days, I'd say no.
A never ending series of fake smiles and Christmas card stock has never been my thing. With what "family photos" means to most people, there's little room for creativity. And I will be the first to admit that I'm often guilty of that line of thinking myself. 

But if I were asked that same question today, I would say absolutely, 100% yes.
As I've been editing with a happy heart this morning, I've been transported. Not only to the park on a sunny afternoon in October with Family E, but to my childhood. To what it's like to chase a sister through the yard, thrilling over your speed as you bound through the fresh air. To being carried by your poppa bear, because it's a better ride than walking and an easy sell. And to being consoled by your ever caring mom because you're cold, uncomfortable, and you just want to go to Target. (The reward for the girls' good behavior. ;) SOLID.)

Not only do I feel that now, but I felt it that day.
And when I feel, I'm inspired.
And when I'm inspired, I make good things.
And when I make good things, my soul is filled up in my favorite way, carrying me forward to feel and make even more good things.

What a wonderful circle.
What a wonderful family.
What a wonderful session.

But we will end with a Christmas card shot today. ;) Which now seems far more personal, having gotten a glimpse into their personalities with the above preamble. One ought not exist without the other.