Bryan + Hailey > Engaged!

A perfect testament to the less-is-more philosophy: Hailey and Bryan's dreamy, laid-back engagement session.

You don't need several preplanned locations to pose in front of.
You don't need racks of fancy frocks in the car to change into.
You don't need to invest in any elaborate props.
(But if any of that's your jam, I'm not stopping you!)

How about a field in the heart of Minnesotan farmland.
How about a sundress, bare feet, and a beloved pup.
How about a session focused around the who and the why, rather than the what, where, and when.
How about an attitude open to exploration, easy laughter, and an endless supply of sweet kisses between a couple in love.

How about Hailey and Bryan's engagement session, eh?
Instantly a new personal favorite. <3