Chance + Alie >> Engaged!

Guys, this session had eeeeverything!

Everything including a quiet Sunday evening in Rochester. We had our run of the place and decided to seize the opportunity to shoot in a wonderfully deserted parking ramp downtown. SO FUN to run around up top making magic, delighting over lines and lighting.

A bride-to-be who was thinking ahead and planned her hair and make-up trial to coincide with our shoot. (Shout out to Alie’s beauty team, A Berry Hair + Freedom’s Palette!) SUCH a good idea to see how your look photographs! Especially if you aren’t accustomed to a full face of make-up.

And my favorite: a big burst of inspiration over seemingly simple locations & couple so obviously crazy about each other. There were so many times during our shoot that I got so excited I had to mime what I was thinking because my words were running away in the face of Chance and Alie juuuust crushing it. That is the mark of a wonderful session.

Can’t wait to do it all over again next spring!!