Family P! >> Morning at the Park

Can you believe this is Iva’s version of woke up like this AND I have a cold?
How cute does this kid get, seriously?

Although it’s not surprising the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—
From a steep hike, slippery rocks, and a dead rabbit to contend with during our engagement session, to a snow storm in October that put an unexpected spin on outdoor wedding day plans, Chelsea and Mike excel at bringing a certain level of sweetness despite the unplanned hiccups.

I continually marvel at their attitudes that they’re always down for anything, never bothered by much, and always able to connect with each and the moment despite any inconveniences. (Ripped dress at the literal last minute? No prob! Some strategic arranging and you wouldn’t ever tell. )

I had such a good time hanging out with this family of 3 for our date in the park! Although it’s pretty easy to when you’re around that little lady Iva, so full of charm and new lil teeth, and her superstar parents.
Enjoy the scroll!