Nicole + Chase >> Engaged!

Listen up, Tuesday afternoon. I’ve got some predictions for you to take down and record—

1. That Nicole and Chase are destined for anything but a boring life together. They had me laughing pretty much as soon as they stepped out of the car for their session, and kept each other doin’ the same all through the evening. They’re goofy and playful, yet still sweet and charming, which combines to form my favorite traits to photograph.

2. That puppy Summit will grow up to be just as handsome and well behaved as he is now. (And pretty obviously loved by Mom, Dad, and everyone he meets.)

3. That their wedding next month will be HELLA FUN, bursting with joy and love! In the meantime, I’ll be over here eagerly count down the days until October 19. (We’re at 32 for the record. ;) )

Congrats, N+C!

And shout-out to Kara Kloss keeping it reeeeal on the beauty front! Officially obsessed with N’s braid.