Bailey + Alex >> Scenic Escape Barn Wedding (Henderson, MN)

They said it wasn’t about the details, but the people.
They said it wasn’t about the formals, but the candids.
And I knew this was gonna be my kind of wedding.

Alex is the kind of guy that can pull of a wink, making everyone feel welcome. Bailey is the kind of gal who I watched give heartfelt hugs and thanks to her guests, lighting them up one by one all day. (She’s also the kind of bride who cut her bangs with a fingernail clippers before she put her dress on, which was completely endearing.) Together, they’re the kind of couple that elopes to Vegas when the idea strikes them on a Tuesday—true story!—and whose wedding transportation was the van they’re converting to a camper. They crack jokes, can command a dance floor, and show each other a kind of love that immediately felt honest and respectful. Truly, they’re something special and I trust this isn’t the last time I’ll be seeing these lovebirds.

And while their wedding day may not have been centered around the stuff—and rightly so!—it’s sure nice that if your parents can make it over from Europe that they bring along some of their homemade Moldovan wine for all of your guests to enjoy… Noroc!

Congrats, B+A!

(Traduceți în limba română aici.)

+Some vendor love!

Venue: Scenic Escape Barn in Henderson, MN
Hair + Make-up: Olga, friend of the couple
Dress: BHLDN
Alterations: Beauty by Design
Floral: The Fabulous Flower Market
Officiant: Olga + Dima, friends of the couple
Cake: Nadia
Catering: Chef Craig’s Catering
MC + Music: Lev + Olga Frayman
Bar service: Kent Thostenson from Henderson Wine and Spirits