Dalton + Rachel >> Engaged!

As any wedding photographer will tell you, it is entirely possible to have a crush on a couple. It usually occurs during the engagement session, when everyone is relaxed and happy, yet just the right amount of nervous. It shows up in the way they laugh with one another, they way they laugh with you, and through the flow of easy conversation. The crush status then becomes solidified when your sweet couple is willing to run onto a roadway with big smiles + sparklers in pursuit of some ballin' photos.

Ballin' photos: see below.

Also, quick shout out to Ralph + Piper for being the cutest costars I ever did see. I could photograph those sweet pups alllll day.

CONGRATS on your engagement, you gorgeous humans. Ten more months till we're eating creole mac and cheese in a historic courtyard in New Orleans, celebrating your new life as husband and wife.

Cant. Wait.