Stephen + Kelsey! >> Industrial Warehouse Wedding (Brainerd, MN)

Guys, I've mentally composed 24 different versions of this blog post in the past month. Since the good stuff went down. And each time I get reeeally excited. I take notes. Make sure to include clever phrases. But every time I get to the end, I realize that it's not enough. Not that's it's not good, but that it simply fails to encompass eeeverything.
Everything I heard.
Everything we did.
Everything I witnessed, and felt, and ate. (And eat I diiiid, mini donut bar, spoiler alert.)

I've mused over what it was like shooting another photographer's wedding.
(FANTASTIC. No idea is too much. All suggestions considered. Girl knows where her light's at and didn't care if I ran around barefoot.)

I've put together a short highlight reel of the sweetest little pieces of the day.
("Kelsey, do you feel just gorgeous?" "I feel humbled.")

I've marveled over how sincerely each event played out, and how when Kelsey and Stephen do something, they do it all the way.
(Stephen didn't just give his bride a letter to read on their wedding day. He gave her a journal. [TEARS ALREADY WHILE I TYPE] He gave her a private journal he'd been keeping for the last several months, chronicling their love. Entries about buying the ring + it symbolism. Asking her poppa bear for her hand in marriage. The proposal. Life plans and promises. [MORE TEARS])

And I've adored that not only do they do things all the way, but in their own way
(For their first look, the groom was the one to approach bride before she turned, and they met in the middle. Gush. Melt.)

I've done it all.
But maybe I don't have to try so hard with my words.
Because I've put together what miiight be my best weddin' blog yet.
And I think I can trust it to fill in the gaps of what I'm trying to convey.

CHEERS, to Stephen and Kelsey!

Bridesmaid's Dresses:
Groom's Suit:
Groomsmen's Suits:
Floral Ribbon:
Food / Mini Donuts:
Gold Hanger:

Annnd a bonus shout out! Who's curious to see Kelsey's phenomenal work behind the camera? ;)