D + E >> Joyous + Tasteful Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding (Rochester, MN)

Can I tell you something? My jokes suck. I don't pretend to be a comedienne. I’ve only got one Laffy Taffy gem in the back pocket about dentists, and find funny-on-command to be an elusive chimera. 

But it’s important that you know that going into D and E’s wedding day blog, because I want it to be stated that I had nothing to do with these smiles. Instead, I intentionally embraced a new approach that’s been steadily evolving over the last year. Rather than take them out of their moment to come down to candy wrapper level, I did my best to push them deeper into the place they were already were. Focus their attention towards each other, tune them in to the now, because that's where the biggest wellspring of emotion lives.

Really, why would I ask them what time the man went to the dentist (cue dad joke eye rolls) when I could shout out YOU’RE MARRIED instead? (Beaming smiles and giddy laughs were the result of that one.)

....Spoiler alert: TOOTH HURTY. (!!!!)

Congrats, D+E! Your wedding was a dream and half, and it's been a mixture of watery eyes and overworked cheek muscles while reliving your day through the editing process. The respect and vulnerability you show each, the pure joy you radiate, and the dance moves you cut up that floor with are all high skills and qualities to aspire to. 

Such a pleasure working alongside this all star crew of vendors!
Venue: Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Coordination: The Yellow Rose
Hair: Stephanie Knutson
Makeup: Kristin Soyring
Floral: Fox & Fern Floral
Ceremony music: Cameo String Quartet
Officiant: Sister of the bride
Cocktail hour music: Tom Burson, pianist
Cake: Miss Sara's Cakery
Catering: Powers Ventures
DJ: Wedding Day DJs