Johnny + Amanda >> Engaged!

Gahhh, cue the 😭😭 emojis!

Guys, every engagement is special.
Because truly, every couple is special.

But it gets a little cry face emoji extra when the bride is a former senior from my early days of professional shooting. Having Amanda back in front of my camera, it's obvious how much she's changed in the 9 intervening years, but it makes me realize how much I've changed too. From an awkward but excitable 21-year-old to... uh, a slightly less awkward and excitable 30-year-old, but with a bit more confidence. (If only I could go back in time and pat college KH on the shoulder and tell her you're doing a good job, keep it up.)

And what makes it all even better? Getting to reunite for another round of photos, this time with a charming groom in tow. Especially when they can kiss, cuddle, and love up on their beagle beaneath the willow tree J's family planted in the backyard when he was a boy.

Does it get any better than this??

(Oh, yeah, actually. We also shot on abandoned golf course at golden hour. How good's that?)