Family D >> Autumn Afternoon with the Birthday Girl!

While I've been editing this ridiculously cute family session commemorating little E aging up, I've been idly daydreaming about the life of these photos.

I've been thinking about what they'll look like on a Christmas card this year. Which one/s will be chosen. Which lucky mailboxes they'll soon decorate. Which refrigerators will boast such happiness.

Then I think about next year, when Miss E turns two. When Liz and Neal will likely pull this session out and flip through the photos again, reflecting upon how much their little girl has grown.

Cruising through the next decade or two, I imagine E including one of these frames in a stash for show and tell. Explaining to a classroom of peers how wonderful her parents are. Then moving forward to the high school graduation, compiling the ubiquitous "best of" board, showcasing the last 18 years. Maybe there'll be a wedding sometime after that. And maybe there'll be a slideshow. Maybe there'll be kids of her own sometime after that. And maybe a grown up E will pull these photographs back out to reflect on what it must have been like for her mother at such a wonderful time in her life.

That's what I think about when I edit a session like this.
And then I think: what a wonderful and richly rewarding job this is.