Robby + Kayla >> Sweet and Sunny Farm Wedding (Welch, MN)

Welcome to the Robby and Kayla Show.
It's a romantic comedy, now in it's first official year of showing. Centering around the lives of two crazy kids, crazy in love, it's a hilarious and heartwarming display of affection from beginning to end. Viewers love seeing what Robby will do to make Kayla laugh next. (Spoiler alert: everything.) Ratings further skyrocket when the camera zooms in, catching the endearing way Kayla looks at her husband. And if that wasn't enough, enter child star K, the most lovable sidekick you ever did see, rounding out this cast of incredibles. 
I think I'd tune in for this one if I were you.

Venue: Legacy Hill Farm
Hair: Bridget Bocook Britson
Makeup: Kristin Soyring