Ender + Lizzie >> Engaged!

Great! Glad you clicked through to see it all, pal.
This was the kind of shoot that felt nothing like a shoot, our talking to photographing ratio skewed in the opposite direction.

We started at a gorgeous Minneapolis patisserie where L+E went for a winning sample platter method. (PS let’s chat how rhubarb is the real underdog of the pastry world.) After coffees were good and drained, we moved on to the lake to stroll along the water as the paths filled up by a population long overdue for some solid weekend sunshine. A population which also included a sweet pup whose presence generated one of my favorite photos, in that “looking at a dog” kind of meme way, but like, actually looking at a dog. (You feel? Second photo, left side.) It was the kind of morning where even though I was technically at work, I had the thought that this was exactly how I wanted to be spending my time, fully content and engaged. Was it the sun? The rhubarb? The dog? In part, but I think mostly it was Lizzie + Ender and how effortlessly they love one another, and how fresh it feels to be around them.

Color me a CAN’T WAIT version of excited for their wedding in October.