Kyle + Molly >> Engaged! (Chicago, IL)

I doubt you’ve seen a scroll bar this long on one of my engagement session blogs.
But I haven’t photographed Molly + Kyle in Chicago before so it prlly makes sense.

There’s beach. There’s park. Skyline + shoreline. Forehead smooches and kisses on the lips. (And some allllmost kisses—my very favorite kind.) Big bursting smiles. Smaller, more intimate moments that make you want to lean in closer to try and catch some of that magic. There’s springtime trees abloom. Sand and seagrass for some lakefront cuddles. Hand holding. Sweep-her-off-her-feet holding. Wrapped-up-in-each-other holding.

There’s Molly.
There’s Kyle.
And there’s exactly 365 days until they’re MARRIED.

See you there, babes.