James + Courtney >> Retro + Whimsical Barn Wedding at Coop's Event Barn (Dodge Center, MN)

First: tunes.
Please go locate and queue Better Man by James Morrison.
It's a song I've discovered this last week (srsly, go find it) and it's the one that's been making me tear up every time while I've been digging into James and Courtney's wedding edits. Not only is it gorgeous tuneage (tunage? spellcheck doesn't like either) but it reminds me of one of my favorite slivers of the C+J party: the best man's speech. (Isn't it funny the things that stick out weeks later?) The phrasing was something along the lines of "James is already a great man. He's an even better one with Courtney if such a thing is possible."

Now you can go ahead and press play on that Morrison.

Because yeeeeeees! It's true, it's true, with the opposite too! I'm convinced that to know James and Courtney is to adore them both. &To spend time with them is to want to be better yourself, surrounded by such positive, loving energy. Multiply that out by a couple hundred kin, add in a gourmet cotton candy bar, and finish it all with a surprise flash mob on the dance floor and you've got yourself one epic party celebrating that "radical kindness" and their one-of-a-kind love story.

Congrats, C+J!

Vendor roll call!

Venue: Coop's Event Barn in Dodge Center, Minnesota

Hair: Stephanie Knutson Hair

Makeup: Jade Eggert of Spa 143

Dress: Rue de Seine from a&bé bridal shop minneapolis  


Suit : Knight's Menswear

Floral: Fox & Fern Floral

Officiant: Rev Dave Lieder 

Gourmet cotton candy:  Cotton&Whim

Catering: Omar's Kitchen

Cupcakes: Keeley Todd

Norwegian kransekake: Darlene Fossum-Martin

DJ: Apollo Music Group

Videographer: Chitwood Media