Kallie + Jason >> Heartfelt + Relaxed Lllama Farm Wedding (Golden Oak Farm; Webster, MN)

I’ve never felt so nervous to hit publish on a blog.
Not because I’m worried about the quality of the work, but rather the opposite, in a strange twist of feeling.
I connected to this wedding so well, that it also feels as if a piece of me is on display.
(Did you see that viral video Canon Australia put out a few years ago? (Link!) It more eloquently supports the premise that a photograph often says more about the maker than the subject, and I’ve been thinking much about it ever since.)

But back to the llama farm—

Kallie and Jason.
These are two wonderful humans and it all starts there.

They did a tremendous job of being entirely present, with a vulnerability that was the seed of my inspiration. They have a way of making you feel engaged and uplifted, and that you are truly bearing witness to something remarkable.

And the details! It all felt thoughtful and sincere, from the ceremony readings (more Mary Oliver, please!), to the homegrown playlist and local sweets on the dance floor, to the way they approached their first look: facing each other, meeting in the middle, eyes open and just the right touch starry.

I am humbled to have been chosen to document such a day, and immensely proud of what we created.
(And it really is a we, because they’re the ones that created the magic to begin with.)

Congrats, K+J!

Vendor roll call!
Venue: Golden Oak Farm
Day of Coordinator: Go To Gal
Video wizardry: Sky Focus Films
Make-up: Gunpowder n Gloss
Hair: VLK Cosmo
Floral: Forget-Me-Not Florist
Rings: East Fourth Street
Officiant: Lincoln Stannard
Ceremony musician: Michael Beling
Latin food truck: Noris Cuisine
Mobile wood fired pizzas: Pizzeria 201
Bartender: Liquid Motion